2018-19 Minutes




2019 - 2020

President: Lisa Marselek, SVBandBoosters@sylvaniaschools.org

VP of Finance: Dean Creighton & Cindy Edwards 

 VP of Communications:  Carrie Livingston, SVBandBoosters@sylvaniaschools.org

VP of Concessions: Stephanie Johnson, Sherie Wernert, & Cheryl Creighton,       

VP of Volunteers: Renee Long,  419-882-4255 SVBandBoostersVolunteers@sylvaniaschools.org

VP of Uniforms: Annie Corcoran, Vicki Mangum, Cami Golding

VP of Events: Dan & Carrie Cannon

 VP of Fund Raising: Jacob Lowenstein + Angel Vance, 



Southview Band Booster E-mail:       SVBandBoosters@sylvaniaschools.org  


Mail us at:

Southview Band Boosters

7225 W. Sylvania Avenue

Sylvania, OH 43560           


2017-18 Minutes


 Every parent of a student enrolled as a member of the Southview Band is considered to be a member of the Band Booster Association.

Some of the responsibilities of the Boosters Association are:

1. Organizing and funding social and recreational functions for the band students.

2. Purchasing additional music, instruments, and supplies in the event that the regular school budget for such equipment does not meet the needs of the group.

3. Purchasing and maintaining uniforms for the band and their various performing groups.

4. Supplying and maintaining the football game concession stands.

5. Organizing and managing the District Band Contest or Solo and Ensemble Contest when held at Southview.

6. Organizing various fund-raising projects through the school year to provide monies for their various responsibilities.

 A copy of the Association’s Constitution and By-Laws can be obtained from the Booster Association Secretary.

The Southview Band Boosters exists to support the Southview Marching, Concert, Symphonic, & Jazz Bands. We help chaperone football games, band camp, and band trips. We run the concession stand at football games. We provide financial support to purchase items such as uniforms, instruments, and music.

2015-16 Marching Band
2015-16 Marching Band

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Woodstock 2
Woodstock 2

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Field Commander
Field Commander

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2015-16 Marching Band
2015-16 Marching Band

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